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Klein continues to turn up heat on same-sex issue


CALGARY - Alberta Premier Ralph Klein says it should be OK to discriminate against gays and lesbians when it comes to marriage.

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While they deserve civil protection in other areas, Klein says that shouldn't extend to same-sex marriage.

klein"I have friends who are gays and friends who are lesbian and they're wonderful people," Klein said Monday. "I do feel that gays and lesbians ought not to be discriminated against in any other form other than marriage because I think that marriage is a sacred thing that exists between a man and a woman."

Klein admitted there is little legal recourse for the province in its battle against the federal government's same-sex marriage bill, but Klein says Albertans should write to their MPs and to Prime Minister Paul Martin, as he will be doing.

"We will be writing to all Liberal and Conservative members. I'll be writing to the prime minister," Klein said.

The Supreme Court said last week that the federal government has the legal right to change the definition of marriage to include gays and lesbians, and Martin says his government will introduce that legislation in January.

Last week, Klein called for a referendum on the issue, but he has since backtracked from the idea, saying Tuesday that he was just "thinking out loud."

The idea for a referendum was dismissed by Martin, and by Conservative Leader Stephen Harper and deputy leader Peter MacKay.

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