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Gay community reeling after beating death ruling


Gay community reeling after beating death ruling

Webster, 41, was killed three years ago in an area of Stanley Park frequented by gay men. A gang of youths armed with baseball bats and a pool cue chased him, beat him and left him to die from a torn artery in his neck.

Madam Justice Mary Humphries of the B.C. Supreme Court convicted 22-year-old Ryan Cran of manslaughter, but said there wasn't enough corroborating evidence to find 22-year-old Danny Rao guilty.

As Rao was leaving the courtroom, one man yelled: "You're a murderer, just like him [Cran]."

Judge Humphries allowed Cran to remain free on bail pending his sentencing, a decision that prompted one spectator to shout out: "He killed a man."

webster aaron"That seems so insane that he's walking our streets," said gay activist Jim Deva, referring to Cran.

Outside the courtroom, the slain man's sister, Faith Quintillan, read a statement from her mother:

"Aaron was a peaceful, loving, kind human being. And we hope he will be remembered that way, not as the homosexual murdered in Stanley Park."

Two teens charged under the Youth Criminal Justice Act are serving three-year sentences for manslaughter after pleading guilty.

Judge Humphries said the testimony of the two juveniles was riddled with so many obvious lies it was impossible to rely on, in the case of the two adults.

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