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Stronach begins western campaign


WINNIPEG - Conservative leadership candidate Belinda Stronach kicked off her western campaign Wednesday, telling a Winnipeg radio audience she supported same-sex marriage.

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belinda stronachThe former head of auto-parts giant Magna International appeared on Winnipeg's CJOB radio station as part of her campaign swing through Western Canada.

"People should be treated equally under the law, whether you're a man, woman – whatever religion you may embrace or whatever culture you come from," Stronach told host Charles Adler.

Stronach's radio interview was her first public appearance since she announced her candidacy Tuesday in Aurora, Ont.

She said she understands others in the party may disagree with her opinion on the contentious issue of same-sex marriage, and would leave the decision up to a free vote in Parliament.

Her views on the issue are not shared by Stephen Harper, the perceived front-runner in the leadership race. Last week in Winnipeg, the former Canadian Alliance leader said marriage is not a human right but a social value between a man and a woman.

Stronach says the new Conservative party should include members with varying levels of social conservatism.

"I do think this new party needs to create a bigger tent where Canadians can feel comfortable and come into that bigger tent," she said.

Stronach didn't provide specifics on other aspects of her platform, other than saying stable health-care funding must be a priority.

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