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MP attacker gets conditional sentence


FREDERICTON — The man who attacked member of Parliament Andy Scott has been given a nine-month conditional sentence to be served in the community.

The court upheld a December 2003 decision by a lower court that extended the pensions to hundreds of gays and lesbians.

  • From Dec. 29, 2003: Man who assaulted MP pleads guilty

A psychiatric assessment after the attack found Curtis has a bipolar disorder with slightly psychotic tendencies.

The assessment was part of what the judge considered in handing down a sentence that included six months for assault and three months for uttering threats.

If Curtis violates any conditions of his release including an order to stay 100 metres away from Andy Scott and his office, he could be thrown in jail.

Curtis attacked Andy Scott at his office on Carleton Street in Fredericton on a Saturday morning six weeks ago. Scott suffered cuts and bruises.

At an earlier court appearances, Curtis' wife told reporters her husband doesn't believe in same-sex marriages and had gone to Scott's office to put up posters condemning them.

  • From Nov. 25, 2003: Accused in MP attack opposed to same-sex marriage

Andy Scott cast the tie-breaking vote on the Commons justice committee's motion to accept an Ontario ruling that allows gay people to marry.

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