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Our Mission
BiNetCanada is a national volunteer organization of bisexual and sexually diverse Canadians who are building a network that shares information, works together towards greater advocacy and awareness of bisexual and sexually diverse issues, and lobbies for acceptance and celebration of bisexuality in all its forms. The organization includes bi-positive groups as well as bisexual and bi-positive individuals.

Our Vision
BiNetCanada educates others about bisexuality and sexual diversity. It is a means for sexually diverse Canadians to organize at national, regional and local levels; and can provide a forum for discussion about related issues and concerns.

Our Goals
1. To create a national Canadian volunteer organization with an identity based on bisexuality and sexual diversity.
2. To facilitate communication between local, regional and national bisexual and other sexually diverse communities, encompassing existing organizations and new ones as they arise.
3. To provide educational materials, resources and contacts for bisexual and sexually diverse people in Canada.
4. To work with other bisexual and sexually diverse organizations throughout the world to foster understanding and advocacy related to issues of bisexuality and sexual diversity.
5. To assist in the creation of new organizations that focus on bisexuality and sexual diversity.


To add groups or report a problem, contact the webdyke.